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“Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows?”
- - Joel Osteen

In these uncertain times I’ve taken a step back from social media over the last few weeks to just live. To enjoy every moment of life with not only my horses but with those who I love. Whether it be in person with those in my household or over the phone or FaceTime to those we cannot visit right now.
The weather last week was less than spring welcoming making for a lot of time inside. And I’m not gonna lie it was a tough week for me trying not to go stir crazy and being limited to what one can do and in turn trying not to bake and eat every single recipe in a cook book.
This morning I just went out alone and hung out with the boys in the sunshine and took in every second of the fact that regardless of the uncertainty I am lucky enough to be able to go outside and spend time with my boys and that my family and myself are healthy and I am fortunate enough to get to spend this time with them.
Right now it is easy to overthink and get down on ourselves of all the things that we can not do but look around, look at all the wonderful things in your life that you get to enjoy that otherwise you may not have gotten the opportunity too. Think of the ways you can give back or brighten someone’s day in the simplest way right now or better yet take the time for yourself to just be and live and embrace the time of self growth. 💕

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“You make an impact on the world around you every single day. Whether it’s how you treat the tired grocery store clerk or how you react to the rush person who cut you off, you send your energy into the world. And what’s often forgotten is that the little impacts we make every day on our world are the acts that make the biggest difference.” - - Nikki Banas 💕

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Self Isolation isn’t so bad when you live the lifestyle we do. Been busy building away on the new liner, trimming getting the boys ready to start training and today the weather finally co-operated long enough for us to have our first day of Spring Training!

Regardless of the uncertainties of life right now we’re making the most of what we can and hope everyone is doing the same! There are two things in life we are always in total control of our attitude and our effort. Control what you can and keep pushing forward. 💕

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Although the Lloyd Finals Tarp Sale is postponed we are looking forward to the event once it is rescheduled! If you’re looking for a unique way to market your business give us a call!Driver Spotlight - Amber L'Heureux

Although 2019 saw Amber take home the CPCA Rookie Driver of the Year award, she is far from a rookie. Amber had a stellar first year on the circuit having 3 top 15 runs and 17 top 20 runs along with finishing in the top 20 at 5 of the 9 CPCA shows. Amber's dad ran pony chuckwagons for 50 consecutive years, her mom drove pony as well as thoroughbred chariots and her grandfather Fred Fitch drove thoroughbred chariots, so it only seemed natural when Amber started driving ponies herself. Amber's favourite part of Chuckwagon racing is the horses and being able to do and share something she loves with family and the friends that are met along the way who turn into family. 2019 was an exciting year for Amber and the CPCA as we all saw the CPCA’s first female driver hit the track and we are sure 2020 will be even more exciting as Amber climbs her way up the standings.
April 7, 2020 | Denham Ram Tough CPCA Tarp Sale

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