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The next member of Team Pink to be introduced I don’t even know if I can call mine for amount of times he’s been claimed by my barrel racer friends as their boy!
Clude aka Lil’C aka C-Bert is a 2013 Kentucky bred that had a career of 28 starts on the race track with a record of 4-1-6 seeing him win $46,030.
Lil’C was a first year wagon horse this year and didn’t make a wrong move all season on Right Wheel the few trips he did get. Off the track he became know as the “rambunctious lil shit” in my pen who would play for hours and in turn nap just as hard. Him and G’Man quickly became best buds this spring however can not be penned together at the shows because I learned the hard way they get playing so hard they forget they’re in an electric fence and then think the whole camp is then their giant play pen.
Lil’C is all character, he is the sweetest boy when he needs to be yet whenever you do something he doesn’t like he stomps one of his feet like a child. He loves to feel the wind, whether it be standing in front of the fan at home, getting blown on his nose or running. As much as he likes to play he is all business as soon as he has a harness on and he comes back to the barn after every trip so proud of himself like he has won the Kentucky Derby. He came home this fall a totally different horse confidence wise and I really look forward to 2020 with Lil’C as he’s going to get to make the move to drive on the lead with his buddy G-Man!

📸: Just Enjoy Photography
📸: CVM Photography

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The next two need to be introduced together as I honestly don’t think I have a picture of one without the other because they are that attached at the hip.
Silly Dreams...Dreamer aka Baby Dreamer. I couldn’t think of a more suitable registered name for my main right leader my Rookie Season. Dreamer is 2005 Kentucky bred that had a career on the race track of 9 starts that never saw him break his Maiden.
Matt’s Turn aka Maddie aka Big Mad is a 2004 Kentucky bred that also only had 9 starts on the track with a record of 1-1-2 seeing him win only $3,716. Neither were superstar race horses but both have hearts bigger than no other to be wagon horses.
The first time I laid eyes on Maddie was at Lloyd Finals years ago in one of his first seasons. It was like one of those scenes out of a movie for me. He rolled out on the track, open bridle, his big white socks and blaze face with his immense stride, he strolled out onto the track like he owned it.
The amount of purpose and pride both these horses have in being lead horses makes my heart so happy. They are polar opposites however, Dreamer is stout, tough and gritty as where Maddie is a tower, finicky and emotional about everything.
During Spring Training all the wagon horses got gone over by their amazing Equine Massage and Chiropractor Dallas Wylie but unfortunately the outriding horses had to wait until North Battleford due to time constraints. Dallas was working on the last outriding horse to be done next to Maddie and I was standing at the back of the barn in Battleford. Maddie wouldn’t leave Dallas alone and keep pestering Rowdy while he was getting his adjustment. I simply looked at Maddie and told him no bud you and Dreamer have to wait until next weekend. I almost lost my knee cap to that comment. He missed me by centimetres, moral of the story Maddie and Dreamer got worked on next and not the following weekend. The humorous part, Maddie wasn’t the one who needed adjusted, it was Dreamer. They look out for each other like no other and regardless of their differences in size and stature run together effortlessly. They were on the lead for me at Lloyd Finals when I had my first Top 15 Run and in 2020 I look forward to knowing I always have an honest lead team that I can count on while working on new combos.

📸: Lynsay Nair

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ESPN does a yearly issue meant to celebrate athletes and the power and beauty of the human form. All the athletes are nude.

This is Lauren Chamberlain. She is a softball player who recently graduated from OU and an accomplished athlete who hit 30 home runs as a freshman, setting a single-season record. Here’s what she says about why she posed.

“I don't think I said yes for myself necessarily. I said yes for the girls around the world who might see the issue and see someone who looks like them -- someone who's thicker, bigger, not as jacked as the typical athlete -- and that could give them that boost to love their bodies. Any time I went against my body and didn't give it what it needed in an attempt to achieve a societal norm, I let myself down. Sometimes, in high school and early college when I was dealing with insecurities about my body, not eating was disrespectful to my body. Not giving it what it needs to perform in order to achieve a certain look. If we're being honest, it just became stupid at a certain point. You're after this unattainable look, this Instagram look, and it's not achievable. I still deal with that insecurity. How am I not shaped and curved like that Instagram model? But you know what? She can't hit a ball like me or move like me. She can't do what I can do.”

I love this because we all have our own super powers. I can’t play ball like Lauren, but I have my own awesomeness going on, and so do you. We all do. So our health journey shouldn’t be about punishing ourselves and achieving perfection, but about celebrating what makes us uniquely amazing by LOVING AND NOURISHING ourselves with healthy food, heart-pumping physical activity and an inspired way of being built around creating a vibrant life. We all deserve that. 💚
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Big Broham! 💕 Roddina Barrett Trinity Racing Stables ... See MoreSee Less

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Great day seeing how my new boys Broham and Judd are going after their first few drives! Circle M Stables Racing is doing an amazing job with them! Can’t wait for 2020 with these two additions to Team Pink!🦄 #teampink #pinkwagon #lheureuxchuckwagonracing ... See MoreSee Less

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