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People wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, all their life for happiness. Yet life is the moment we are living now.
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Team Pinks newest members to join the line up for the 2020 Season! Meet Spiceman, Dan the Man, Nasty the big sweetheart and Fortune! Starting to see a real pattern around here with unique white markings!
Spiceman just ran his last race on the track last night, Fortune and Nasty are seasoned vets from other drivers and Dan was purchased last fall off the track. Dan has had some time off to just be a horse along side Judd and Oscar who will also be back in the line up after having the summer off for 2020! 💕 #teampink #pinkwagon #lheureuxchuckwagonracing
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I talk about this allusive bond that I have with my horses but most of the time that bond is built from me actually being able to let down my guard in my barn when I can’t to the rest of the world. I got asked a lot this year why I race and the first answer that always comes to my mind is “It’s all I know and I love working with my horses.”
Lil’C he is a 6 year old that I have owned for 6 months and it was his rookie season as well this year where he was mostly known for fooling around in the pen all morning and then taking hour long naps but he also made his debut on right wheel. I have a strict rule for myself that if I can’t get along with a horse on the ground or in the barn, I won’t drive them. I watched a video that was shared last week from a friend and in it the gentleman made the comment that leading a horse should be like dancing with a good partner and I had to try it out. Lil’C is quite the partner and quite the little horse for the first night playing around like this. He is a prime example of what getting along with a horse on the ground means to me. 💕 #pinkwagon #teampink #lheureuxchuckwagonracing
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